Hints for Trips


By car

In South Bohemia one can find many historical sights and interesting places. There are several chateaux, castles, museums or churches in our neighbourhood (about 50 km around). First of all, visit the castle and chateau complex in Český Krumlov, one of the most famous sights and the second biggest castle complex in this country. Not far away from Český Krumlov, we recommend to visit a Cistercian monastery in the town of Zlatá Koruna with abundant ancient library and archives. You should not miss a visit to the chateaux Červená Lhota and Dačice as well as the chateau Hluboká, one of the most frequently visited places in South Bohemia.

Visitors, who are not as much enthusiastic about historical sights, can go for a countryside trip to Chýnovské Caves near the town of Tábor, or to Červené Blato (nature reserve of peat bogs) near the town of Nové Hrady.


You can join several countryside cycle tracks which pass by our motel.  The most famous is the cycle track ‘Around Třeboň’ which is 39 km long and has 22 stops with information posters. The track creates a circle in the countryside with numerous fishponds in woody landscape in the eastern part of the Třeboň Basin. Another well-known track is called ‘In footsteps of opera singer Ema Destinová’, which leads from Stráž nad Nežárkou along the canal Nová Řeka back to Třeboň. One more tip is the track ‘Rožmberk’, which you can pass either on bike or on foot. It covers 22 km and has 12 stops with information posters. Its motif is fishpond culture as it goes along the dam of the Europe’s biggest fishpond. And since we are close to Austrian border, our tip to spend the day is a cycling trip to villages in Upper Austria.

On foot

The most popular walking tour in Třeboň is a natural path ‘Kolem Světa’. It is a 12-km trip around the large fishpond Svět with 16 information posters. The path is focused to the history and current information on fishpond aquaculture and spa treatment, village architecture, and important fauna and flora of this area. In an English park on the south-eastern bank of the fishpond you can visit the former tomb of the noble family Schwarzenberg. The chateau in Třeboň represents one of the largest chateau complexes in the Czech Republic and at present it also hosts district archives.

You might visit an exposition called ‘Landscape and Man’. The town of Třeboň is a well-known spa resort, where diseases of movement apparatus are treated applying peloid (peat mud) cure and physical therapy.

In autumn season, Třeboň and its surroundings is an ideal place to collect mushrooms and watch attractive fishing out of ponds.




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